How to Change Precision of OutputField in UserDefined Java Class?

Let’s say I divide 2 number with Precision 1, and get an output with the precision of more than 1. Now how do I set a default Precision for the Final Output field being forwarded to Output.


Number1 = 5.0, Number2 = 7.0
Division is --> 0.7142857142857143 (by Java Class Execution)
Division Result in Output field is 0.7

Tried changing the Precision and Length to 3,3 and even -3,-3 respectively but didn’t help as it get reset.

Here is my workflow for reference
7_2_Math_UDJC.psw (17.2 KB)

Hello Akshay,

We have another steps like calculator, formula, etc. You can use them for calculations as such, its very easy to handle and get accuracy up to mark.