Active Directory button check

I´m using the Active Directory functions and it seems we lack documentation on this step… I´m trying to check on a button as you can see in the image below.

I´m using the Set Property Step to set this up, but haven´t been able to accomplish this.

Any ideas you can share, would be appreciated.

Have you tried the Property Value to 0 (zero) ?

Hi, this is my new account, I did try to input 0 but it replies with this error.

Don´t know why even thought I get it directly from the button (Get) in the Set user properties step.

OK, I found the answer… If you check on Active Directory, it requires a numeric value either in decimal or hexadecimal value, so all I have to do is convert my date to numeric value and enter it… so it was never about checking the button, but setting the number value in that field.

Still get the error message that the parameter ´accountExpires´ cannot be found.

Hope I explained it clearly.

Also make sure Advanced Features is checked on Active Directory

We can select End of by providing property value as 1 for accountExpires property.
Please refer the attached images.

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