Attaching multiple documents in a single mail

my mail subject contains two keywords which i stored in a excel file but when i run my workflow it sending two mails with response of first mail attachment with first keyword and second mail attached with second keyword but i want both a attachments are to be in one mail
i am attach the sample output of mail how i am getting…

Hello Justin,

Welcome to AutomationEdge!!

The Process Studio works row-wise, you need to do one thing here that, first create the files with given name in one folder and secondly, in mail step attach all files from that folder using wildcard.

Hi Support Team,
i have created a necessary files like(product1.xlsx and product2.xlsx …ect) in a one folder and i have given the folder path in mail step attach and i have used wildcard too …but my result is empty mail only its not attach all the files
please check the screenshot below

Could you please provide Wildcard as .*.xlsx and try it.

Hi Team,
I am able to get multiple attachment ,but is there any way to get specific files from the folder

Yes, you need to provide Regular Expression for specific filename in Wildcard section.

can you please send a screenshot of how use Regular Expression in wildcard filed to send specific files

Please have a look over below snapshot, and try various RE as per requirement.

Hi Justin.
Check this site regarding wildcards:
There are free tools to play with wildcards format and will show what the effect is for each format.
Wildcards is a very powerful tool to accomplish many actions.
Hope this helps.

i have one process that i am trying


keyword msg no subject
abc 1 abc
efg 2 efg,asd
asd 2 efg,asd

how can i combine if two rows msg no is same and keywords are differ …i want to combine two keyword into one row


keyword msg no subject
abc 1 abc
efg ,asd 2 efg,asd

Hi Justin,

Process Studio has Statistics Plugin Set which provides Group By and Memory Group By Steps.
The Group By and Memory Group By provides Multiple aggregates Function, out of which you can use Concatenate Strings Separated by comma
Refer the screenshot below:


You need to group the fields on basis of message number and perform the aggregate option on field Keyword.

Note : For Group By you need to have your input rows in sorted order where as for memory Group by there is no such condition.

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