AutomationEdge and Oracle Forms

I wonder if any of you have had experiences using Automation Edge with applications developed on Oracle Forms or other AWT like applications. I need to see control elements inside de window.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @maurofelix,
Yes, we have done work in this area previously. To be able to answer your question, I just need few more details:

  1. What is the version of Oracle forms that you are using?
  2. If you have any specific application in mind, can you please share the name or some details about it?


Hi Hemanshu,

We use Oracle Forms 6i, Oracle Forms 9 and 10.
The specific application that we are done a POC with AE is Oracle Ebussiness Suite (Oracle Applications) version 11i.
This version use Oracle Forms 6i with Jinitiator version as a java plugin.