AutomationEdge’s “RPA for Healthcare” E-book

AutomationEdge today unveiled its definitive guide for Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare, which sheds light on the role of RPA in the industry and how it can transform the healthcare experience.

Gartner predicts that roughly 50% of US Healthcare Providers will invest in Robotic Process Automation by 2024. This clearly states that this emerging technology will be heavily used to transform healthcare resources and business processes. Talking about RPA, it exerts a heavy impact on healthcare businesses by handling manual and iterative processes like monitoring data, keeping track of healthcare records, autonomously handling patient appointments, and maintaining regulatory compliance. All in all, it unleashes the true potential of healthcare businesses by overcoming challenges like:

  • Poor data integrity and lack of effective management systems
  • Lack of coordination between the advanced tools
  • Data privacy and security concerns
  • Existing silos with poor collaboration

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 03
  • So, what is Robotic Process Automation? 03
  • Trends that are affecting the future of Healthcare 04
  • Implementation Barriers 05
  • Challenges that Robotic Process Automation can solve for Healthcare organizations 06
  • RPA Use Cases for Healthcare Segment 08
  • Build a Delightful Automation Experience for Healthcare Providers with AutomationEdge 16
  • AutomationEdge’s RPA to automate Skedulo and EHR Systems for Healthcare organizations 17
  • AutomationEdge RPA tool offers: 17
  • Benefits of AutomationEdge RPA for the Healthcare Industry 18
  • Pain Care Physicians Enhances Patient Experience with AutomationEdge’s RPA 20
  • Why AutomationEdge? 20
  • Summary 21
  • About AutomationEdge 22

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