Delay Row with varying delays in Loop


I am trying to use the Delay Row step to set a time depending of a value I gather during the loop process.

I have tried to Set PS Variable but does not react on the value.

I have tried to use a field, set string or integer starting the loop, and in a Java Script set the value. Does not matter the value, it still reacts as it where 0 seconds.

Is it possible to use the Delay Row within a loop varying values in the process? And if possible, which route should I use, PS Variable or Fields.



Have you tried entering your defined PS variables like this?

You can simply type it in the format as seen in the screenshot. Change Global/Local based on your required scope

Hi Hemanshu. Hope you are well. Thanks for your feedback

I did but as a Local Variable:

As seen below. After the first scan, it detects 5 seconds as the first scan and need to process to suspend for that time.

This is a time sensitive information so when the timer is reset, I need to rescan the info and translate, as seen in the loop.

The last image is the value the wait time I want to apply to avoid repeat scans/OCR actions, pass this to the local PS variable and use it in the Delay Row.

So, the scans after the 5 should not happen.

Tried the Global as well with no reaction on the delay.

How can I check the value of a PS variable inside a Loop before the Delay Row step?






Hello @wllmdjngh

It is possible to use Delay Row within a loop, which values vary according to the loop iteration.
I’ve attached the workflow for your reference.
There are two workflows -
1] Variable Delay Row - which is the main workflow
VariableDelayRow.psw (20.9 KB)
2]Child workflow - which iterates according to the value in the loop
DelaRowChilld.psw (15.1 KB)

Thanks KalayniW.
That is what I wanted to avoid, to call a WF just to manage a delay, which would be another file to maintain.
I tried to manage the timing and delay within the Loop.
Now, if that is the only way to do so, so be it. I will investigate a little more.
If I have a new approach, I will document it here.

I am looing at something else parallelly, will keep you posted.