Download Files

In Web automation, I started download 5 files in browser, how to do the browser will close after completing all the files.

Hello Zack,

Use ‘Close Web Window’ Step from Web GUI to close the browser.

This will close the browser once all your files get downloaded.

I tried but it closed the browser without downloading the files.

You can use “Delay row” or “Web Set Delay” steps to get some time for closing the browser.

it ok!! when we have a small size of the file we can set a delay of 10-15 seconds. in case we get a long size file and it didn’t download the file in the limited time it will timeout then the browser will close and file not download.
How to deal with this situation at that time?

As you have to download multiple files, the best way is to use loop. We have ready to use loop steps Start Loop and Continue Loop

Please refer " AutomationEdge Plugin Reference Guide" for more information about these steps.

Below are attached reference images:

Start Loop:

Continue Loop:

I have to download the files form different pages. Above image is shown only for download files from single page. It’s fine for single page we can set loop.
In different pages how we do it.

The images are only for reference, you can implement the workflow as per the requirement.

In case of different pages, place start loop step at beginning, use middle steps for page navigation and download as required till continue the process.