Dropbox plugin - folder/file path

In Dropbox plugins getting error while giving folder/file path as “error in call to api function “files/create_folder:2”: request body: could not decode input as json”
Exactly which path we have to put there?

Hi Sonakshi,

Could you please share your workflow if possible? Also, share the JSON you are passing to the step.

Hi Rakesh,
Actually I am just trying to create the folder by using step “Dropbox: Create Folder”. As it only asks for Dropbox Folder Path, so I tried giving one particular path. Does it requires JSON file? and if yes then which data we have to pass in that JSON file?
Here is the workflow if you need:
Dropbox.psw (14.5 KB)

Hi Sonakshi,

I hope you have provided the below permission to your APP.

files.metadata.write, files.metadata.read, files.content.write, files.content.read, sharing.write, sharing.read, file.request.write, file.reqeust.read, contacts.write

Also to create a folder in your Dropbox, you need to add the value with symbol “/folder-name”. Attaching the screenshot for your reference

Hi Rakesh,
Yes, your solution worked. Thank you so much for your response!