Encrypt data in ProgreSQL

I need to write data to a SQL database, in this case, PostgreSQL, and it needs to be encrypted.
Information like “secret questions” te reestablish PWD, “login/Password”, etc.
Any ideas.


Do you need to encrypt the data by using some encryption algorithm and store that encrypted data in DB.

Yes, I have read in PostgreSQL documentation that encryption must be executed outside of the DB.
I found PGP encryption but little information is available on how to implement it.
I have generated Private/public key pairs but now how should these be used in the RA.
Private key is in a file. Is like a certificate format. The Public is what is needed to decrypt
Hope you can help me out.

Do you think Symmetric Cryptography work for you. If yes, please let us know, will provide sample workflow for both encryption and decryption.

Hi AE_Support.
Thanks for your reply. Suppose that should work.
Appreciate if you can share WF.

Hi Willem,

Attached is the sample workflow for Symmetric Cryptography which included both encryption and decryption.

Symmetric Cryptography Example (1).psw (31.6 KB)

Thanks. that is a great sample.
There are so many options of RA available. Some need additional software creating overhead when deploying to production.

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