😁 Epic Meme Challenge Alert!

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Yo fam! It’s time to unleash your meme magic and get jiggy with some intelligent automation(RPA+AI) vibes!

We’re launching the ultimate meme showdown, blending the world of RPA and AI with the pure gold of meme culture.

Think you can meme? Let’s get it!

What’s the Deal?

  • Theme: Intelligent Automation (RPA+AI) meets Meme Mania
  • Mission: Create the funniest, most relatable meme that merges our daily grind with AI and RPA life.
  • Why: Because all work and no play makes Jack a dull bot!

How to Slay:

  1. Create: Whip up a meme that’s got that perfect mix of smart and snarky, using intelligent automation as your muse.
  2. Submit: Drop your masterpiece in reply to this message by 31st March.
  3. Result: Selected memes would have spotlight on AutomationEdge LinkedIn page with your name!

Rules to Roll:

  • Keep it clean and RPA/AI +ve, peeps – no offending stuff to any.
  • Multiple entries per hero allowed – make it count!
  • Ensure Original content as much as possible. Otherwise mention [copied] or [Improvised] with reference/inspiration link if available.

Let’s get this meme party started! Show off your creative chops, have a blast, and maybe even learn a thing or two about RPA and AI along the way. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

Get set, meme, go! :star2:

P.S.- Click on the tag ‘fun’ to see examples. We shall post a few to get ball rolling as well.
P.P.S. - You may use online free meme generators or use AI like supermeme.ai or un-funny ChatGPT(make sure to give your funny twist to boring AI-generated meme/quote).

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When A RPA BOT goes to a therapist. It confesses its weirdest problem.

What happens next, will give you a smile:)


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When an Unattended BOT walks into the bar…

Something unexpected happens…

Curious to know what happens next?


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RPA Developers having fun:

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