Exception Handling

How to handle Exception In process studio.

In PS mostly steps are having 2 output hops Main output of step & Error handling of step, by using this error handling hop, you can handle exceptions/errors in PS.

Right click on previous step & go for error handling-which will populate below window.



Can we handle error in workflow?

Hi Krutika,

Yes, we can handle error in workflow. Check above description for the same.

i’m not getting the output as this is error handling step infact it abrupts the process

Hi Krutika,

Here you have connected error handling/write to log for input file itself and if file is not there(records are not present) how it will proceed further.

If multiple records are there & if any intermediate record can not process due to some error then in that case the error should be handled and workflow/process should proceed further with next remaining records instead of terminating the process execution.

In your scenario if file is not present then you can pick up the data from any other data source or first check if file exist or not (with ready File Exists step in workflow) & then proceed further.

Okay i got your point .
just one more query
if i have some error on web ui like the element doesn’t exists and some error occurs for one step can that be handled using error handling step

Hi Krutika,

Yes WEB GUI step related errors can also be handled.
There also you can first check whether element is present/visible(using Web Element Condition step) & then you can proceed to perform any activity with the element.