Fetch data from . xlsx files

I am having a folder with many files in it. I want to fetch data from only .xlsx files from folder.

How to get only .xlsx file from the folder?

Hi Pradnya,
Use “Get File Names” step of process studio.
Specify folder path and in Wildcard (RegExp) column specify regular expression for .xlsx file. Regular expression is ^.*.xlsm$

It will fetch names of only .xlsm files then you can proceed with reading data from each file.

Hi madhavi.bade

after fetching the xlsx files, how can you read data from each xlsx?
how to view the data that each xlsx file contains?

Hello @jmr

To read data from each xlsx file you can add the loop after fetching the file names, and then output the data in Microsoft Excel Output step.

Hi @KalyaniW

can you help me build a sample workflow with regards to this?

thank you really appreciate it