Filename in Data format

using Automation, how to give the name of a file in data format(ddMMyyyyHHmm).

Could you please elaborate more, In which case you need this filename: Input/Output?

I’m storing my output data into excel writer but condition is here that filename should be in date format (ddMMyyyyHHmm). How to do this? I have checked predefined data format but i need in this format how to do.

You have to create your filename in Modified Java Script Value Step as below:

var Current_Date=new Date();

var Filename=“upload”+Current_Date;
var Filepath=“D:\AutomationEdge\”+Filename;   \\ Where “D:\AutomationEdge\” is path to save output file.

And in output Filename field, pass “Filepath” variable instead of path.

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Thanks for solving issue.


Sorry beginner here.

How to pass the variable “Filepath” on the Filename field?

Please check the below solution