Group By: Maximum

I have department name, employee name, and the number of days worked employee details. I want to show the details of employee who worked for the longest duration.
I used maximum in group by but only number of days worked field is fetched?
Can anyone tell me how to fetch other fields also(Only one emp details who worked for long duration)

Hi @DhanshriP,
Can you share the screenshot of the step configuration and the workflow? In addition, in your final output, have you included all the fields that you want to output?

You need to do a lookup for this from the original file. What version of PS are you using? I will send you a sample workflow

This is my workflow I am not able to get details of only one employee who works in from for long time

I am using 6.1.0 version of Process Studio

Noted. I am attaching a sample workflow. Import it as a Project in your workspace. Try running it and check it’s output (The Final step - Write to Log) in either logs or Preview Data tab. Let me know if you have any concerns
GroupBy plus (9.9 KB)

I will run it and let you know.

Thank you

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