GUI Recording

During GUI recording, it failed to record a few steps in the Process Studio workflow. Please could you let me know the scope of GUI Recorder.

Following, is the behavior of GUI Recording,

  1. Once you start the recording, the GUI Recorder understands mouse and key actions.
  2. It considers every element as windows by default until there is a preference for detecting web application while recording.
  3. The GUI Recorder records the following actions- Click, Set/Write a value and Read/get Value.
  4. Like GUI spy, the recorder handles complex window/frame tree switching activities internally and generates appropriate steps during workflow creation.
  5. Once you click on stop recording, the recorder prompts the create workflow dialog. Confirm by clicking Yes to create a workflow with recorded steps; else, click No.

In some cases, if GUI Recorder fails to highlight/record a few elements, then use GUI Spy to generate steps for such element actions.

Hi Noah,
Where is an option of GUI Recording in PS??