Hi Guys I am doing This assignment and I have to calculate Total Salary..using User Defined Java Class step

If employee is deployed on project bonus will be 4000 and Totalsalary will be (basic+bonus)
If not his TotalSalary will be basic.

help me to figure out my mistakes.

Hi Neeraj,
You need to add a function called “processRow” which will act as a “main” function of Java code.
To add “processRow” function, go to the left-side pane (Classes and code fragments), expand “Code Snippets” >>
“Common use” >> double-click on “Main”. It will add “processRow” function automatically in right side as shown in the below image.

In right-side “Class code” section, scroll-down till the end. Put the cursor just before the auto-generated code
putRow(data.outputRowMeta, r);
Now on the left side, you can expand “Input fields”.