How do I validate the data inside the Column in an Excel File or of an CSV File?

I have already configured my CSV File in the plugin/design of “CSV File Input” process in the .psw file and now I do want to validate the column name, for example. in the column roles, I want to extract all employees that has the role of software engineer.

are there any query like syntax here in order to establish it?
I am relatively new and does have less than a week since started.

any helps will be appreciated.

please refer to the image below.

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Hi @fdc_jpg
If it is a fixed text you wish to filter out, you may use regex expressions.
If you do not know how regex works, it could be intimidating at first but is a very powerful mechanism to identify or manipulate particular strings. Lots of information on the web and to try if an expression works, I use site regex101.
Many plugins you may use REGEX expressions.

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Hi! Jai,

You can use the Flow and Lookup category steps like Switch Case, Stream Lookup, Filter Rows etc. to design your workflow.

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