How to add API Key for Sends OTP

I need help for generating API key for SMS sending I am unable to generate the API Key please guide me regarding this issue.

@AE_Knights - Can you please help?

Hi! Vishal,

I believe you are using wilio to send SMS for OTP.

Please check the following.


  • Twilio instance with access details.
  • Twilio API Credentials which includes, Account SID and Auth Token.
  • Twilio account with a sender number and appropriate access.


  1. Programmable SMS Quickstarts | Twilio
  2. Error and Warning Dictionary | Twilio
  3. What is E.164? | Twilio

Trial Instance

In case you wish to get started with Trial instance

  • You may obtain Trial API Credentials to begin with on
  • In the General tab under Settings scroll to look for API Credentials.

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