How to add multiple dynamic data in DB

I’m iterating loop for getting dynamic value which is working but wants every value to be inserted in the DB table. For that using Table Output but getting an error that Table Output not supported in the loop. How to insert each value coming from the loop in DB single table.
How to write insert query in Execute SQL Script plugin in which for values passing variable coming from the previous step.

Hi Swapnali,

Here you have to use parent child workflow scenario. Just pass the data which you are getting dynamically, to the workflow executor which contains the database insertion logic in it.

Thanks Bhagyashri

Hi Bhagyashri,
I have used workflow executor but to iterate loop need to increment variable value. I have increment variable value in modified JavaScript but after the executor plugin all previous variable not accessible, we can access previous input variable using the get the variable plugin or generate row plugin both not supported in the loop. How to increment or access variable without get variable or generate row plugin.