How to avoid the mail folder creation while using email message input?

I am downloading the attachment file from email using email message input step
in the given attachment folder path (path specified in Attachment Folder).
attachment is able to download but it creates the mail folder inside the attachment folder.
and inside the mail folder attachment file saved.
let say I specified attachment folder path in email message input.
after running the Workflow attachment are saved in the
path like: c:\automation\ReadMail\attachment*mail1039090*\attachedfile.txt

here mail1039090 folder is automatically created ,how to avoid it.

Hi Shubham,

You cannot avoid creating mail folder. It will be automatically generated for every mail you read through Email Message input step. If folders are not required you can perform Folder and File operations after reading the mail.

Ok mam !
I was trying to get only downloaded attachment files and read it , now I am able to read the
Attachment files because email input plugin provides the file path in the field.

Hi @Shubhamautomation ,

Am new for this email reading concept. Can you pls help me with share sample workflow.,

I need to read the mail on one by one
If keyword present in subject/body then download the attachment
Identify the attachment path with file name & execute the process.

You have already having more ideas. Can you pls share your workflow… It’s very much helpful for me…