How to read password protected excel file dynamically

Hello Team,

I want to read xlsx file which is password protected, it is working when I’m passing the file name and password statically.
But when I’m passing the file name dynamically and keeping the password static in Excel plugin, it fails and error thrown as file is password protected.

Please provide some solution to this.

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Hi! Deepak,

Just like you are passing the file dynamically please can you try to send the password dynamically through a parameter.

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It doesn’t work, I had tried dynamic approach also.
Even if I want an output Excel file with password protected, and passing the password dynamically to set the password, it is also not working.

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Still an issue @Deepak_Y ?

Hello Deepak_Y,

I have tried the scenario you have mentioned it is running successfully at my end. By passing filename dynamic means you are providing filename as a runtime parameter, Is this understanding correct? Also are you executing workflow on Process Studio side or on agent?

Yes, @Anand.Tambey

Hi @KalyaniG

I had tried both way I.e static & dynamic approach, it doesn’t work at my end.
Also, I wanted the excel output to be password protected and tried to pass the password statically and via variable but password doesn’t apply on the output file.
I’m using PS version 7.2.0