Intelligent Automation Technologies To Have Most Impact On Digital Businesses in 2019

In the latest technology trend, organizations are looking for the intelligent automation tools to solve business challenges, increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy which results in a benefit to the organization.
CIO’s and IT leaders are finding the innovative way to leverage the technologies such as intelligent automation, machine learning and predictive analytics, which are the fastest gaining technologies in current market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to the organizations for deep insights, analytics and business solutions like never before.
Intelligent automation technologies offer the opportunity for improved customer experience and on-demand delivery by delivering what customers want and when they want it. This intellectually acts like a human brain so no human intervention required for automation.

In the near future, the challenges for organizations are to overcome the gap between the time taken to successfully implement automation technologies, such as AI and intelligent automation and the actual time taken to reach maturity.

Secondly, there is a lack of understanding of the potential benefits for AI to solve the business problems. The customer is concentrating on adopting AI as a technology than applying AI as a tool to solve existing problems.

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