Knowledge Article - Excel date format conversion

Unable to convert string format ( 27-08-2019 hh:mm:ss ) to date type format ( 27-Aug-2019) using AE process studio.
I would also like know how this can be applied to date columns in excel sheet in one action
It would be great if we get list of all supported date formats in AE Process studio 5.3

Hello Jayant,

To convert string in date format,

  1. First you need to split the string (27-08-2019 hh:mm:ss) by space
  2. so that you can provide the string to convert in date format using rename field under meta-data tab where dd-mmm-yyyy format is not available, so need to keep dd-mm-yyyy format only.
  3. Later on while writing this date in output file you can provide dd-mmm-yyyy format for the field.

dd-mmm-yyyy format is not available in input/any formatting step but it is available to write in output file.
You can check different date formats available in process studio present in any input/rename fields step or output steps.