Machine Learning

Do you have any videos related to machine learning activities

Hello Krutika,

Please refer point no. 9 Machine Learning from AutomationEdge Plugin reference guide.

Go through below steps to download the guide :

  1. Login to your AutomationEdge account.

  2. Go to Resources Tab

  3. Download AutomationEdge Plugin Reference Guide.

I have gone through the plugin .
but they have just mentioned the explanation of that plugin.
I need some video or workflow example where i can use it


I’m unable to find any Machine Learning activities that are mentioned in the Plugin Guide. Text explanation is provided but I was unable to find any ML related activities in your lib. Could you provide some assistance on how to use them?

Did you find the plugins? I could not find them

Hi @z1016,

Machine learning plugins will be available to you once our team enable it to you for your tenant.

Kindly raise request to for ML plugin enablement. Along with plugins our team will help with pre-requisite details.

Have a nice time.

AutomationEdge support

There is more information here: