Mail Validator Plugin

What kind of validation is done by Mail Validator Step?


Mail Validator step checks if an email address is valid or not. The Mail Validator step returns a result field (Boolean or String depending on your settings).

By default, Process studio will only check email address structure (using regular expression).

If you want to perform a SMTP checking then select ‘SMTP check? ‘Option and fill ‘Email sender’ details. Process studio will extract domain name from the supplied email address (to check) and will try to get all exchangers from the domain name. Each exchanger will be queried.

If you know which SMTP server to query, please specify ‘Default SMTP server’, Process studio will then query only specified SMTP server.

I have trying to use this RA to validate email existence, filling out the the email field name and email sender it times out. Even if I longer Time Out periods.
Are there any requirements to have this operational?
Checking against Exchange Online and Yahoo. same timeout issue.

Appreciate any tips.

Has anyone been able to use this step? Still get connection time out: connect. Is this an issue of setting timeout to short? Have tried 10 and 20 seconds, same results.
Verified some emails through WEB services from multiple providers, emails are valid.
What am I missing?