Modify Amazon EC2 instance attributes


AutomationEdge is a leader in IT process automation. I want to use the amazon EC2 plugins to monitor my EC2 account and perform actions for cost control.

How can I modify an EC2 instance’s attributes? I am particularly looking to resize the VM. What should be my approach to build a workflow for the same?


You can use the Amazon EC2: [C] Amazon EC2: Modify Instance Attribute plugin step to modify instance attributes.

You can modify the attributes listed in the Input section in the image below by providing an Instance ID. I wish to resize the instance. I will resize the instance by changing the instance type. Hence, I have provided a value for the instance type below.

I achieved the solution in four steps using parent-child workflows as below -

  • Provide the instance ID to modify its type.

  • Get Instance Properties, use the Amazon EC2: Get Instance Properties By Instance ID plugin step to fetch Instance state

  • If instance is running use the Amazon EC2: Start Instance stop it.

  • Modify the stopped instance type using Amazon EC2: Modify Instance Attribute. Use Amazon EC2: Start Instance plugin step to Start Instance