Query about workflow execution

I have created a workflow that reads multiple stock values from a .csv file. I have then put the GUI Automation steps to set the stock symbol in the search box and press enter to return and get the stock value. However, all the stock symbols are being set one by one in the Search box without press enter and fetch stock value steps being executed. Please provide a resolution.

Here is a concept about Process Studio workflows,
Workflow steps execute in parallel. Each step executes in its own thread with queues for input and output rows. Each thread processes its rows as they become available and execution order is not guaranteed. Hence, with multiple input rows, there could be a jumbling of steps.
Yes, you need a little modification in your workflow design. Since you want each record in the csv file to be handled one at a time and complete all the operations of set value, press enter and get value, you need to put these steps in a loop. Drag and drop the Start Loop step before the Web Set value step. Start Loop and Continue Loop steps come in pairs; end the workflow with the Continue Loop step. Loop will help us pass a single row at a time from the CSV file to the Loop steps and achieve serialization.
Refer to AutomationEdge_Plugin_Reference_Guide_R6.0.0 for a decription of the steps refer to AutomationEdge_Process_Studio_Guide_R6.0.0 for a sample workflows with loop steps.