Reorganizing AutomationEdge Community

Reorganizing AutomationEdge Community

Dear AutomationEdge Community,

AutomationEdge has always been more than an RPA platform. It has been an all-encompassing software automation platform with technologies like ITPA, iPaaS, ETL, AI built right into the product right from the inception. What this has resulted in is our community using multiple technologies together to automate certain scenarios efficiently.

Take Employee Onboarding for example. Sticking to pure RPA approach is not the most efficient way to automate the process especially when you have systems that support other more efficient ways of automation like API, Scripting, etc. Similarly, using only API/Scripting based approach might not be sufficient, especially in cases where there may be legacy systems in onboarding. Using the best of all worlds approach, AutomationEdge is best equipped to use the best-case technology to automate such a process most efficiently.

To address such scenarios where developers can easily post and access questions across different technologies and scenarios, we are restructuring the AutomationEdge community. While this will be a gradual process, we are starting off few major changes:

  • Instead of having specific categories for RPA (Robot Process Automation) and ITPA (IT Process Automation), we will be having a common category called Automation & Product Discussions . This category will serve as a primary category for all discussions related to automation irrespective of the underlying technology. There will be sub-categories to help users find content more easily.
  • We are introducing a category called as Announcements so that our users can easily find all important notices, updates and announcements in one place.

We will be making some more changes that we will announce eventually. There will not be any changes in the way you use the platform or interact with the community. In fact, the changes we make will continue to make the community more streamlined in terms of finding and posting content.

Here’s to many more buzzing discussions, curious posts and mind-blowing automations!!

Happy Automation!