Robot Handling in Process Studio


I tried Print_Screen and Windows button using Robot handling in process studio but it’s not working, Then how to capture the windows screen using robot handling in process studio and how to click windows button using robot handling in process studio?

Hi Amit,

Put delay row before and after Robot handling step. Then it’s working fine.

Thank you for your answer,
I have tried,but it is not working.
I have mentioned in uploaded image, I just want to know what will be the value in value field for print screen and windows button.

Hello Komal,

Have you actually tried this and were you able to get the result?

Hi Amit,

Sorry,I have interpreted your question wrongly,As of now it is not possible to capture the windows screen using process studio.Our development team is working on it.We will keep update you on this.

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Hi Komal,

I want to enter some text manually in the body of rediffmail but there body didn’t work web spy, then I tried to use robot handling but string gets only first charactor. Any other way to do that?

@Bhivraj have you tried the Autoit Script with Send Command?

Don’t know exactly what rediffmail is, but that’s another of doing this.

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