Robotic Automation

Is Robotic Automation Like Screen Scraping Or Macros?

Hi Pratibha,

No, managerial Robotic Automation is a generation on from old technologies like screen scratching or macros.The major differences are: Robots are universal application orchestrators –any application that can be used by a man can be used by a present day robot, whether mainframe, bespoke application, legacy, web service
enabled or even a close 3rd party API hosted service.Robots
assemble procedural knowledge which after some time joins with a shared library that can re-used by some other robot or device.Application are “read” by the robot, either through submitted APIs where they exist, through the OS before application appear, or through the screen with respect to the native application. In this last case the modern robot “reads” an application screen in context and in the same way a user does. As part of the robot training it is shown how to read the application’s display much like a user is shown.