SQL Operations in AutomationEdge Process Studio workflows

Which are the different ways to perform SQL operations or execute QL statements in AutomationEdge Process Studio workflows?


Following are the Process Studio steps readily available for SQL operations.

Execute Row SQL Script
Execute Row SQL Script step executes SQL file or script for every input-row to this step. Use an input field to specify the SQL to execute or it can specify a file that contains the SQL to execute. This step is similar to Execute SQL script but does not have the option to execute SQL during the initialization phase of the workflow.

The scripting and dynamic operation of this step can slow the step performance. For performance use dedicated steps like Table Output, Table Input, Update and Delete.

Execute SQL Script
You can execute SQL scripts with this step, either once, during the initialization phase of the workflow, or once for every input-row to the step.
The scripting and dynamic operation of this step can slow the step performance. For good performance turn to dedicated steps like Table Output (insert into), Table Input (Select), Update, Delete, etc.

Dynamic SQL row
The Dynamic SQL row step executes a SQL statement query that is defined in a database field. The returned or lookup values are added as new fields in the output stream

Table Input
Table input step reads data from databases using SQL statements.

Table output
The Table output step writes information to a database table. It also provides creation and configuration options for a target table.

Insert / Update
The Insert/Update plugin step inserts or updates rows in a table. The insert or update operation is based on the result of looking up one or more lookup keys in the target table.

The Update step updates field values in a table

The Delete plugin step deletes rows in a table.

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