Switch Case Use Case


Please can you provide a practical example where to use the Switch/Case step in AutomationEdge workflows ?


The Switch/Case step routes rows of data to one or more target steps based on the value encountered in a certain field.

Let us consider an application for Travel Expenses.
I have four types of travel expenses:

  • Travel
  • Stay
  • Food
  • Miscellaneous

I my application, I apply different calculations and store information about Travel Expenses in four different tables.

In this example, I can have a Switch/Case step with CASE values consisting of the four types of travel expenses above. I can then create four branches from the Switch/Case step in the workflow to handle each type of travel expense.

Below, s a snapshot of the Switch/Case step.

Below is a partial snapshot of a workflow with four branches identified by the numerals.

Thus, the Switch/Case step can be very useful in capturing complex business processes.