Top 5 Benefits of Hyperautomation for Enterprises

The fast-paced tech world has transformed businesses to make them future-ready. This results in alarming tech adoption across industries. Technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Generative AI, Intelligent Document Processing Solutions, Data Analytics, Conversational AI, IT Process Automation, etc., dynamically transform business processes and save time, cost, and resources. Using the integrated power of these robust technologies to take the existing automation to the next level is called Hyperautomation.

As per Gartner’s IT Automation Trends for 2022, by 2024, over 70% of the large global organizations will have over 70 concurrent hyperautomation initiatives mandating governance or facing significant instability. The idea of Hyperautomation goes far beyond automating the repetitive manual processes or scaling the existing automation as it also offers power and flexibility to automate ‘Never-Automated-Before’ processes. Hyperautomaton is a key to digital transformation that offers next-level business intelligence.

As we now understand what Hyperautomation is, let’s look at its top 6 benefits of hyperautomation for enterprises across industries.

  1. Reduce Operational Costs through Communication Mining

    Hyperautoamtion- the integrated power of technologies, dramatically reduces operational cost by erasing the need for manual labor and minimizing expensive human errors. It also provides cost or resource optimization by providing high visibility over business processes.

    Using the power of technologies like technologies like ticket intelligence or AI-based ticket analysis, communication mining, data analytics, etc. businesses can track and inspect the real-time business processes. Not just this, these technologies also help businesses to identify challenges, bottlenecks, and unnecessary steps in a process and redesign it using Hyperautomation technologies to optimize cost and process efficiency.

    A Gartner report states that by 2024, Hyperautomation technologies used to redesign operational processes will help businesses reduce optional costs by 30%.

  2. Automated Agents Improve Productivity

    As with any other automation processes or businesses, hyperautomation multiply employee efficiency and productivity by eliminating manual labor and repetitive tasks. Using Hyperautomation approach business can simply deploys RPA or AI-powered chatbots in tasks that add more value to business by delegating manual tasks to bot that are available 24X7.

    Also, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) powered Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions and cognitive or intelligent automation, businesses can understand the unstructured data or information in these complex processes and create end-to-end workflows rather than just a process, e.g., in HR automation.

  3. Generative AI + Automation Enhance Decision-Making with Business Agility

    Hyperautomation platform integrates the power of Generative AI and Automation that empowers data in silos to seamlessly communicate to one another. This integration of various business processes holds immense importance, as it provides agility and flexibility to the business by providing a real-time overview of business processes, their data, and interactions. This helps achieve better analytical capabilities leading to data-driven decision-making. This ultimately results in scalable business operations that can easily adapt to changing business environments.

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  1. AI Agents Improve Employee and Customer Satisfaction

    Diving into the alarming increase in employee churn, creating a happy workplace is of utmost importance. Research states that chronic boredom at work increases employee turnover and negatively affects employee well-being. With Hyperautomation technologies like AI-powered chatbots, WhatsApp, and MS Teams Automation, businesses can avoid such employee crises and can create a more engaging and meaningful work environment for employees.

    Talking about customers, they are the ones who really bring the business. Hence, customer satisfaction is the first priority of any business. With self-served chatbots and communication mining, enterprises can directly communicate with their customers and take their feedback to improve the service. Moreover, touch-based or self-serve experiences add more value to a seamless customer experience. Hyperautomation solution empowers businesses to provide faster and more consistent customer service to resolve their queries or grievances. Hyperautomation also helps collect valuable insights into customer behavior that dramatically improve business performance.

  2. Creates Future-ready business powerhouses with Leading Technologies

    As stated in the beginning, the concept of Hyperautomation goes beyond traditional automation. It smartly transforms business processes in consistency with each other. The self-learning, self-heal mechanism of automation helps the applied automation to constantly get better without modifying the technology or having external intervention. This means that with leading technologies like Generative AI and automation, organizations can go strong for years to come without having a fear of their technological infrastructure.


The smart shift from traditional automation to Hyperautomation are benefitting businesses to have a competitive advantage in the long run. When it comes to understanding the importance and benefits of hyperautomation, it is immensely important to learn and understand the emerging technologies like Generative AI, Data Analytics, Intelligent Document Processing Solution or OCR, IT Process Automation or Conversational Solutions, etc.

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