Use of write to log plugin

What is the use of Write to Log Plugin?

Dear Ankita,

Write to Log is a Process Entry in the Utilities plugin for Process Studio Processes. Write to Log Process Entry writes log messages to the PROCESS STUDIO logging system. Log messages may include Process Studio variables that are replaced at run time.

For more information please refer plugin reference guide.

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Hi Ankita,

Use of Write to log is a step in the Utility Plugin for Process Studio Workflows.

This step writes information to the Process Studio logging system visible in the preview pane as well as some log levels are mapped and written to Process studio log files.
You can generate Minimal log, Basic log, Detailed log, Very Detailed log based on you need.

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Archana Muley

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Thanks Poonam for helping me to understand the use of write to log plugin.

Now its more clear.
Thanks Archana.