White Paper: Enabling and Empowering Manufacturing with the Power of RPA as a Service

AutomationEdge released its eBook on how to leverage RPA in manufacturing in order to accelerate quality control as well as enable manufacturers to offer a better customer experience.

With the world going hyper-digital, manufacturing has started moving toward adopting technology innovations such as Robotic Process Automation, IT automation, and AI-powered chatbots. RPA, out of these, has been transforming this industry by letting them automate various business processes to a great level. Moreover, the consumption-based RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) pricing model allows manufacturing organizations to serve their bite-sized hunger for RPA and AI technologies, making them affordable, scalable, and flexible.

Although the manufacturing space understands and realizes the value proposition of RPA, there are some factors that make the RPA adoption turbulent for the industry players:

  • Lack of expertise or skilled labor
  • Differences of opinion among decision-makers
  • Misconception about heavy investment
  • Failing to assess the existing tech setup
  • Data access
  • Ever-changing compliance
  • Demotivation due to the past failures

So, how to overcome RPA Adoption Challenges?

To find the answer, as well as to learn many other aspects of successful implementation of RPA in manufacturing, download the full report from this page.

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