Why Knowledge Management Fails? What can we do about it?

Despite following process to keep knowledge articles up-to-date periodically, in reality most are not accessible/discoverable when needed by the agents to quickly reply the customer and not accessed at all.

Why KM fails and what we could do to make it simple, accessible, discoverable and of value?

@Susan.Martinez KM fails for multiple reasons .

  • List item Knowledge Creator thinks that knowledge article is created for the purpose of user but forgetting that having a good knowledge articles reduces the workload of creator . I have seen people create poor quality of knowledge articles to show case there dependency in organization .

  • List item Lack of appropriate awareness that knowledge articles exist . In the view of FCR , AHT and MTTR or Resolution SLAs support teams are so engrossed in closing the interaction rather than spending some time to educate the users about the knowledge articles . For example if a new employees calls Service Desk about an issue apart from closing the issue service desk should identify that the caller is new to organization and spend some time in educating about knowledge management in the organization.

  • List item Culture of Ego to say I know much better than what is there in knowledge articles .


It’s so funny that it hurts;)

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