A Process with WFs names built with variables can´t be published

Hi, how can a process with multiples WFs, which names are dynamic built based on variables be published?
In the sample bellow the WF name WF_Extracto_ is incomplete and generating the error, the complete WF name should include de variable, as in WF_Extracto_Mercantil

I got this error:
It was not possible to load the specified workflow
Unable to read file [file:///C:/Users/susan/DJCS/Extracto Bancario/WF /WF_Extracto_.psw]
Could not read from “file:///C:/Users/susan/DJCS/Extracto Bancario/WF /WF_Extracto_.psw” because it is not a file.


Hi Susana Ciavaldini,

Welcome to AutomationEdge!!

Are you using global variable scenario to create Workflow name?
Could you please elaborate more about your query, and share snapshots, so we can understand in detail.


Yes I´m using global variables to create WF names, it looks that is working, I tried setting default values to the variables, and it got published


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