Get variables in Child WF

The PS is not taking the parent variables to the child WF.
It just disppear when I use the Workflow executor.
I set all up and it does not work.
Can you please help me?

Can you explain more the sequence what you are trying to accomplish?
To test a child WF, you must open it from the Process/Workflow that is calling it so it will pass the variable values to the child. If you open it directly from the side bar, it will not have those variable values.
Hope this helps

Hi, I am opening with the Reference Object Option. It works sometimes and sometimes it does not work.
Also, when I use start browser initializating with a Parameter URL, it does not work properly, only if I insert the URL directly in the step.
Is there a Troubleshooting for that?

The parent has a defined parameter before calling the WF? or are you passing a field/static value to be stored in a parameter of the called WF, and maybe a different name?

If the parameter does not have a value in the WF, you should check the data flow and naming.
Managing data between PS/WF is a little bit complex at first site. That has been our struggle when started with AET. Same issue you are finding an answer for. After understanding the flows, it is a piece of cake.
Best, if working start working with Parameters, define them at the top and use it throughout all child PS/WF without defining them in each PS/WF unless they are called from different PS/WF and naming is not standardized.
Hope this helps.

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I have the parameter set in both parent and child WF with the same name and the Static field value is empty.
But I will try this way.
Thank you so much for your help.

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