Add Signature in pdf

Hi Team,
Is there any way to add a signature in pdf through RPA?
is it possible?

Hi Zack,

Currently, we don’t have a plugin to write data in pdf directly, but there is one workaround: create a word file > add signature using macro > and then convert it into pdf using Conver Word to PDF plugin.

Hi Rakesh,
Word to PDF plugin available in which AE version. I’m currently using AE 5.6.
there is no plugin like this.

What type of signature do you need to ad. We developed a WF to add digital signatures to PDF documents with an opensource tool.
You can check: JSignPDF.

I need to add a person digital signature on PDF.

Did you check JSignPDF?
I have attached a WF we developed for a POC.
The important part is to prep the parameters for JSignPDF to execute correctly. There are quite a few that are needed.

WF_JSignPDF.psw (92.9 KB)