AE Agent for the execution of two different workflows at the same time

If I have two workflow(Data massaging and GUI) and I schedule the workflow at the same time, then the agent will pick which workflow first. and why?

Hi! Aadesh,

When you execute a workflow through the Catalog or Scheduler it is stored in a Request Queue on the AE server. The requests are picked up by Agent in a First-in-First-Out order.
The Agents poll for new requests when any of the Agent Threads are free. If any of the Agent threads is already running a GUI automation, it will pick up the Non-GUI Automation. If there is no GUI Automation on any of the threads the Agent will pick up the request as per First-in-First-Out order.

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We have also found, in our case, all WF use RDP, and WF that have not been assigned all agents, they will execute as first served and remaining WF that execute on any agent are then assigned to the agent that was busy executing the WF exclusive for that agent.
WF1 assigned to Agent 1
WF 2 assigned to Agent 1 and Agent 2.
WF 3 assigned to Agent 1 and Agent 2
Each WF executes 5 times and with no particular order.
WF1 will execute 5 times on Agent 1 and WF 2 and WF 3 will does apply the First-In-First-Out (FIFO)
When Agent 1 frees from WF1 5 executions, then First-in-FIrst-Out order for remaining executions on both Agents.