Agent Controller to control RDP uptime


In my organization, we have set up several VM’s for Agents. I am in charge of operations. So before I can execute any workflow I have to take an RDP of the Agent VM. Secondly, I have to make sure that the RDP is always be connected while running the workflow and the login session is unlocked. This makes the process very cumbersome for me, especially since I have to manage a large number of Agent VMs.

You need to use configure an Agent Controller. Agent Controller is a solution to control Agent’s uptime. If Enable RDP is checked in a workflow, it executes on the Agent Controller machine by taking an RDP connection of the Agent machine for the duration of the workflow execution.

  • Check Enable RDP property during creation or in edit mode.
  • At the time of publishing check the Enable RDP checkbox
  • Select RDP Enable checkbox in the AE workflow configurations with workflow in Edit mode.
  • When importing a workflow that was earlier exported from another instance, check Enable RDP checkbox.
    Note: If Enable RDP is checked, then Enable Sequential is also checked.