Enable rdp

Hello Everyone, can anyone help me out to understand what is the use of Enable RDP checkbox on T3 or while publishing a workflow on server with an example.

Hi Akshay,

If you want to run selected workflow or process on Controller Agent machine then only Select the ‘Enable RDP’ checkbox. This will allow user to run the workflow or process on Controller Agent machine.

Thanks, Suraj

Thank you Suraj for helping me out but I am not familiar with Controller Agent machine, so could you just help me out to understand what is Controller Agent machine.

The controller agent is an agent that can control some agent behavior. You can shutdown/start agent from the AE server. That said, if you have many agents, you do not need to get into the agent account on the server where it is executed to start it up individually.
The other function it provides is that if there is an application that requires a display and not a virtual display like WEB GUI interface, most of the time it can be executed on a remote desktop. Here the Controller Agent is very help full.
As the controller agent is an agent, it cannot execute on the same server/account as a process execution agent.