Amazon S3: Delete File permanently

I am running the Amazon S3: Delete File to permanently delete a file by providing a Key Name. However, I am getting an error. Please could you throw some light?

Share the error please.

Amazon S3: Delete File step deletes a file from a bucket on Amazon S3. You need to provide the Key Name and optionally a Version ID. To hard delete an object there are two options available: -
• When versioning is disabled, provide the Key Name to permanently delete the object.
• Delete an object with a specific version by specifying a version ID. S3 bucket versioning should be ‘enabled’ (Delete an object without specifying a version ID, in which case S3 adds a delete marker to the object).
Error may occur due to following reasons -
a) The provided version ID does not exist.
b) The provided version ID is not associated to the provided Key Name.

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