Amazon S3: Delete File

Does Amazon S3: Delete File hard delete a file

Amazon S3: Delete File step deletes a file from a bucket on Amazon S3. To delete an object there are two options available: -

  • Delete an object with a specific version by specifying a version ID. S3 bucket versioning should be ‘enabled’.
  • Delete an object without specifying a version ID, in which case S3 adds a delete marker to the object.
    This operation can be performed by the owner of the bucket. If versioning is not enabled, there is no way to restore the deleted object.

Hello Lucas,

It depends upon if the bucket versioning where the objects are stored is enabled or not.
a)Enabled - it will not hard delete the object but it will apply a delete marker to that object so that if you wish to restore that object you can.
b)Disabled - it will hard delete the object, which means no copy is retained in S3 and you won’t be able to retrieve it.

For more information, you can check Advanced_Plugin_Reference_Guide on AutomationEdge.