AutomationEdge - BMC Helix Integration

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Please could you tell me AutomationEdge’s integration capabilities with BMC Helix.


AutomationEdge can automate routine and complex IT and as well as non-IT service requests to reduce errors, improve TAT and increase productivity exponentially.

AutomationEdge has an Integration App in the BMC marketplace, free to download. Integrate AE and BMC Helix with simple configurations on the Integration App for connections and AE workflows metadata.

AutomationEdge also has ready connectors for BMC Helix. AE Bots can use these connectors to create records in BMC Helix. You can also deploy CogniBot invokes AE Bots to insert or make changes to BMC Helix records.

AutomationEdge gives Cognitive power with the AE CongniBot and HyperAutomation AE for Cognitive Service Management. AutomationEdge can seamlessly integrate with target applications with over 500 ready connectors, Advance REST client or using RPA for GUI automation. The requestors send their requests over email, chat, and web. AE CogniBot emails, classifies tickets and assigns appropriate categories and support groups.

AE is available both for on premise deployment and as a cloud offering (AE was the first to provide RPAaaS).

AE Bot automatically resolves assigned tasks without human intervention. If certain tasks need approval, the bot can send for approval and resume when approved. End-to-end automation will reduce the burden on the IT team and free them to work on more productive tasks. BMC & AE together provide a powerful cognitive platform which can digitally transform orgs.

The BMC Remedy (REST) connector can perform operations such as search, insert, update and delete application records; and upload and download attachments to specified fields of a record in an application on a BMC Remedy (REST) instance.

The ready actions for the BMC Remedy (REST) connector include,

  • Delete Record
    The Delete Record plugin ready action deletes a single application record on a BMC Remedy instance.

  • Download Attachment
    The Download Attachment ready action downloads all the attachments of a specified application record, on a BMC Remedy instance.

  • Input
    The Input ready action gets the records of an application based on query criteria, on a BMC Remedy instance.

  • Insert Record
    The Insert Record ready action creates a new application record by inserting the field values specified, on a BMC Remedy instance.

  • Update Record
    The Update Record ready action updates records in the specified application with the new field values provided, on a BMC Remedy instance.

  • Upload Attachment
    The Upload Attachment ready action uploads an attachment to a specified record field, on a BMC Remedy instance.