AutomationEdge Community Guidelines

Dear AutomationEdge Community,

We are seeing a lot of active participation on community and we are extremely happy to see our developers interacting with each other, helping each other in solving their problems or even sharing their work. A curious developer network and a buzzing community is what makes our product so successful and adoptable. As the participation in community increases, we want to ensure that everyone can be benefitted from this and that no one misses out or worse had a not-so-pleasant experience with us. Hence, we are rolling out some Community Guidelines to guide our community on DOs and DON’Ts.

  1. Be respectful towards your fellow developers on the community. Avoid use of rude, offensive and hurtful language at all costs.

  2. Avoid usage of slang on the community as it may be offensive to some members.

  3. AutomationEdge Technologies as an organization is a strong believer of Diversity and Inclusivity and has a strict policy against Racist, Sexist or any other type of discriminations. Any sort of discriminating remarks of any nature will result into the participant immediately getting barred for life from the community. We also encourage users to immediately report such behavior if observed on community.

  4. When posting your question, try to choose a precise sub-category so that you can receive a quick and apt response.

  5. Try to provide as many details as possible of the challenge you are facing while asking the question so that your fellow developers can help you easily.

  6. If you get a solution to your problem, please mark that response as Solution/Solved so that other developers who may be facing a similar issue can benefit from this. If you get multiple solutions, you can choose that solution to mark which you though best addressed your issue.

  7. When answering a question, try to provide as much clarity as possible. Adding screenshots can be quite helpful to achieve this. Feel free to ask for more details whenever required to make this possible.

  8. It is a good practice to first go through other responses on a post before posting your reply to avoid duplicates. This can also help you in supplementing your knowledge to some existing response and make it even better.

  9. If you are quoting a lengthy post, instead of quoting the whole post, you can always quote only the relevant parts to keep your response precise and to the point.

  10. Feel free to appreciate your fellow community members by liking their posts or responding to their replies with your encouraging, appreciative and inspiring words.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the same or let me know if you want us to add any more guidelines that will help you folks!

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