AutomationEdge RPA Bot for Latest Bank Transaction

Today’s video showcases an AutomationEdge RPA Bot for the Latest Bank Transaction.Many a time you quickly want to check your latest bank transaction, maybe just for validation! So it is important that bank applications facilitate the query. Find out your last bank transaction with an AutomationEdge Bot. This video showcases how to build an AutomationEdge workflow easily to query the latest transaction.

The bot uses the following AutomationEdge Plugin steps:
Microsoft Excel Input, Identify Last Row in a Stream, Filter Rows, Switch Case, Modified Java Script Value

RPA Bot for Latest Bank Transaction video URL:

#MicrosoftExcelInput #IdentifyLastRowInStream #FilterRows #SwitchCase #ModifiedJavaScriptValue, #AutomationEdge, rpa, #hyperautomation, #DataProcessing bot workflow

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