AutomationEdge With reCaptchav2 error: ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Captura de tela 2023-12-13 182300

The step runs perfectly, but the page when clicking the submit button gives this strange error! Has anyone ever experienced this?

Hi! Fulvio

You are getting the error: The page may be temporarily unavailable or may have been permanently moved to a new web address.

You can use a loop to continue trying till it reads the captcha.

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Hello Seema, Greetings.

Then I discovered that the page is invalidated by the server, I think it is very complicated to validate even with Loop.

I don’t know what else to do, unfortunately there seems to be no valid paths so far.


Hi Fulvio.
Automating with Web Pages is somewhat complicated, mainly because of timing and dependency from outside services from internet. There is no guaranty of site availability and dependable performance. Typically, we slow done steps, beside Browser timeout and delays, with Delay Rows. For example, download files, which is not dependent on browser timeouts/delays.
We are creating WF to automate Banking information through user interaction (not API) and we have to execute multiple times to assure we at some time we have access to a certain page and do what needs to be downloaded. Internally we prepared WF to control WF execution if earlier execution did not succeed to avoid unnecessary agent use.
Off course, site availability is where every interaction starts. With or without automation.

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Hi AE Cavaleiro, greetings, so I’m also learning this tool, but actually the part of searching for information through the web interface is quite complicated, thanks for the words!