Back tick on spanish layout keyboard

Trying to use backtick to properly use webSpy, but can not make it work on spanish keyboard layout, tried to set the system with english layout keyboard but still not able to acomplish any results… help would be deeply appreaciate it.

Correction: It does work with US-ENg keyboard layout, but still need to know if there´s a way it can work with a Spanish layout keyboard (tenkeyless if possible)

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Hi @acano182,

Welcome to the community. Glad to know you could solve the problem by changing the keyboard layout. I would definitely like to try and help you out for you Tenkeyless keyboard. If possible, can you please share a picture of your keyboard so that I can help you with the same.


sure thing… let me know if there´s anything else I can submit.

Hi there,

Thanks for the snap of your keyboard. Can you please try the following key combinations and let me know if they work?:

  1. Try the combination in this image starting with the AltGr key

  2. If above doesn’t work, try pressing Ctrl+ above key combination.

Please do let us know if this works. Thanks!

Tried it on different spanish keyboard settings on windows and still doesn’t work.

Hi, I have this same problem with my ABNT2 keyboard, and the combination key sugested to acano182 doesn’t work for me. Someone can help me ?

Hello, I am also facing the same problem using ABNT2 layout. I tried the susgested keys, but none of its worked. I also tried ALT + 96, but not worked and even changing to US keyboard it not works. Can you help us?

Use this combination (image), then click Space key

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