Manage New Window

I have situation where a new anti-phishing window is being generated to punch in a password through a virtual keyboard.
What I have not been able to do, with WEB Spy, go to this window and then manage the capture of the keystroke X-Path.
I could gather the to be filled in field X-Path to try to fill the PWD through a WF, but then in the workflow, do not know how to get to this window. Sample below.

Any idea on how to proceed?


Could you please use “Surface spy” plugins to achieve this scenario?
The details you will get in plugin reference guide.

Hi Poonam.

The issue is that with the letter O, it captures multiple letters similar like the C, D, G, Q and as the keyboard changes the layout every time it is being displayed, it does not capture the O if it is not the first in the list.

I am waiting for an other selection process developed within the code and will check if this solves the problem.